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Contact your Admissions Specialist (listed near bottom of this page) for more information and to schedule a program presentation. Due to state-wide delays caused by COVID-19, if you are considering applying to the Academy and you do not have a valid state id, social security card, or birth certificate available, we suggest you go ahead and apply for those now.

For information on a state identification card:

For information on replacing your social security card:

For information on replacing your birth certificate:

Battle Born Youth ChalleNGe Academy offers 2 semesters per year: one that begins in January, and the next in July.

It's never too early to get your application submitted. In order to be considered for acceptance, the applicant MUST BE:

• 16-18 years of age on the first day of the class
• free from any felony charges or adjudications
• drug-free or willing to become drug free
• a US Citizen and resident of Nevada
• at risk of not completing high school with their peer group
• eligible to enroll in high school courses (must have completed 8th grade)
voluntarily applying for admission to BBYCA

The application process is rather lengthy. As such, we suggest starting the process as early as possible by following these steps:

Step One

Attend a program presentation in your area or given virtually. See our Events Calendar for times, dates, and locations. Youth and guardian attendance at a presentation is mandatory; it affords you the opportunity to learn about the program, expectations, and application process. You will also meet with an Admissions Specialist who will be able to answer your questions and guide you through the application process.

Step Two

Application, Part One (Youth): Please complete all the Youth Application Forms (A - L), leaving no questions blank. Submit these along with a copy of:
  1. Applicant’s Social Security Card
  2. State ID Card, temporary paper copy accepted
  3. US birth certificate or INS Proof of Permanent Residency card (I-551)
  4. High School Transcript to the Academy address listed below.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all forms should be filled out legibly by the youth applicant and then signed and dated by both the youth and parent/guardian where indicated.
  • Always make copies of everything you mail for your own records. These forms may be submitted to your Admissions Specialist in person, mailed, or emailed.
  • Once you have submitted Part One, begin Part Two immediately.
  • BBYCA Admissions Staff will review your initiated application (from Part One) and contact you concerning possible missing forms to prompt submission of Part Two.
After the interview and submission of documents, the application packet will be reviewed. At this stage, the applicant will either be declined, or deferred, or the packet will be moved to the next level. At this level, you will be asked to fill out:

Application, Part Two (Medical): To ensure Applicants are physically and mentally sound for participating in the Battle Born Youth ChalleNGe Academy.
  • Once the Youth and Medical Applications have been submitted, they will be referred to an “Admissions Panel.”
  • If your application is recommended for pre-acceptance – youth and parent/guardian will be invited to attend an Orientation, scheduled prior to the class start date.

Step Three


  • At least one parent or guardian should be present at an Orientation.
  • During Orientation youth should be prepared to:
  1. Have a personal interview with a BBYCA Staff member. Upon completion of the interview, additional paperwork may be requested.
  2. Participate in a brief “Cadet Life” experience, supervised by BBYCA Cadre Staff.
  3. Review and complete any incomplete forms.
Assuming applicants have completed all of the steps above and have submitted all requested documentation, they should receive a conditional acceptance, deferral, or nonacceptance letter at least 4 weeks prior to the program start date. For those applicants receiving a conditional acceptance letter, they are required to complete Step Four.

Step Four

Mentor Application: Forms need to be given to your mentor nominee to be
completed in a timely manner and submitted to BBYCA’s Recruiting, Placement, Mentor Coordinator:

Once these documents are received and reviewed, applicant will be notified that he/she has been declined, deferred, or accepted. If accepted, you will be asked to accept/decline your offer of admission. After this is done, you will receive a short packing list and details on when/where to report.

Keep in mind, that admission is somewhat selective. BBYCA is a second chance program for Nevada teens who are determined to change the path they are currently traveling. Admission decisions are based on a holistic review of the application packet, and applicants are considered based on their likelihood of completing the 17.5- month commitment. It is neither a first-come, first-served program nor is it a program for those students wishing to graduate early.

Step Five

School Enrollment

Once your youth applicant has been accepted into the ChalleNGe program, he/she will need to be enrolled into our school.

Step 1. Unenroll your student from their current school.
Step 2. Click on the link below to enroll your student into our school.
Step 3. If you are enrolling your student into Elko County for the first time, press the ‘New Student Enrollment’ button.

**If you are a current student or a local resident of the Elko County area, please proceed with the second button ‘Returning Student Enrollment’.

Step 4. For enrollment: Once your child has been enrolled, an email should be sent to the email you provided to ECSD through the enrollment process asking you to set up an Infinite Campus account. This account could allow you to monitor your child's schedule and grades while they are enrolled at BBYCA.

FAQ for academic counselor
How do I keep up-to-date on my child's education while at BBYCA?

The best way to keep up to date with your child's academics is to create an account for Infinite Campus from a link that should be sent to you once you enroll your student into ECSD (See enrollment process tab). We also encourage parents to reach out to the school side with any academic questions that could be answered by our school registrar or school counselor. The school number is 775-397-5032

Admissions and Regions

Battle Born Youth ChalleNGe Academy
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Admissions Specialist - Western Nevada

Carson City and Washoe, Storey, Douglas, Lyon, Mineral, and Northern Nye Counties

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Admissions Specialist - Southern Nevada

Southern Nye and Clark County

R. Todd Jordan 775-315-1243

Phil Tignino 775-431-7113

Lead Admissions Specialist - Northern/Western

Churchill, Humboldt, Esmeralda, Lander, Northern Nye, Elko, Eureka, White Pine, Pershing and Lincoln Counties

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Dr. Andre' L. Ponder

Program Director

Kyle O'Connell

Program Coordinator

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