Dr. Andre' L. Ponder

Program Director

Dr. Andre Ponder is a highly accomplished and versatile professional with a passion for serving others. His educational journey began at Broward Community College and culminated with a Doctorate from Grand Canyon University, where he focused on "Arizona Rural School Teachers' Description of their School Principal's Transformational Leadership Style on Organizational Commitment."

With a strong background in education, Dr. Ponder started his career as a teacher at Arthur Ashe Middle School and later assumed administrative roles at Forest Glen Middle School. He has also made significant contributions in law enforcement, proudly serving as a Sergeant in the United States Army and the Florida Army National Guard.

Throughout his career, Dr. Ponder has received recognition and awards, including being a finalist for the Broward County School Board Caliber Award Assistant Principal of the Year. He has also served as a Western Male Principal for the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge/Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates and has served as a District Superintendent in both Arizona and Nevada.

Currently, Dr. Ponder is the Program Director of the Battle Born Youth Challenge Academy in Carlin, Nevada. His leadership philosophy revolves around servant-leadership, reflecting his belief in the importance of genuinely serving others.

In summary, Dr. Andre Ponder is an accomplished educator, administrator, and leader, dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others through his unwavering commitment to servant leadership.

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